Ninja Blender Shoot

During my recent relocation to Orlando, I was packing and unpacking and came across my blender, which ended up in the home studio for a shoot that night. The Ninja Blender is a great example of a tricky product to shoot due to several reflective surfaces. Using a combination of black light and diffused side light I'm able to show off the curves and reflective details of the Blender, though there were some challenge issues to tackle.

With all reflective surfaces I shoot, they love to reflect anything in the room. This is why I like to try and take the products into a studio though its not always the case. So the solution here was to composite several exposure were I used a piece of foam core to block the reflections of the room and to give the chrome its nice reflective look.  So after some trial and error and composting I wrapped up shooting and am now able to use my blender.

Austin BurkeComment