Image Breakdown: Breaking Bad Desert Shot

And we come to the conclusion of the Breaking Bad Vodka Image series!


For the last image of the series I want to shoot a homage to the first episode of Breaking Bad. Originally I started out hunting down RV's that matched the one used in the show, and after searching through 3500 RV's in Florida and contacting several people I was able to only get in contact to shoot one.  Sadly on the day I got to shoot the RV that was going to be used in the original concept of the photo it was semi cloudy and didn't give me the harsh sunlight look  that I wanted for the desert placement of the image. I also left out the RV because I felt like it took away form the bottle which was the main subject of this shoot. So we the RV and brought the focus closer in on the bottle.

The Shoot

For this shoot I wanted to imitate the harsh sunlight of a mid day desert. The light setup was 2 strobes, one camera left raised high above the camera pointed down to act as the sun, then a second light camera right behind the subject focused on the bottle bottle to highlight the back of the bottle and the side of the talent. We had a cloudy day that helped act as a fill light and by adjusting my shutter speed I was able to subtle fill in the shadows as needed. 

After that several images where brought into post as I liked a few different elements on the bottle and then added in a desert background to fit the theme of the show. Then a few color and contrast adjustments and we have are final image. So thus the end of the breaking bad vodka shoot is here but don't worry, I'm working on a new personal image series that I can't wait to share soon.

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